Match Results

The diffing result is 1-to-1 matching that can be saved in various file formats for further usage and processing. Namely, it can be saved in CSV or using BinDiff SQLite format.


QBinDiff results can be exported to a BinDiff compatible format. Then, the diff can be seen with the BinDiff graphic interface.

Given a differ object initialized, with two binaries to diffs, the diffing and export results can be saved as follows:

matches = differ.compute_matching()


If the diff, does not represent a binary diff, or for further processing the diff it can also be saved in .csv file. This is the default file format as it is very lightweight and fast to generate.

It can either be obtained using the CLI option -ff csv or by calling the right API as follows:

from qbindiff.loader.types import FunctionType

matches: Mapping = differ.compute_matching()

# This only exports base fields (address, similarity, confidence)

# Add extra "name" field
matches.to_csv("/path/to/output.csv", "name")

# Add extra "name" field and custom field
    ("is_library", lambda f: f.type == FunctionType.library)