Source code for binexport.instruction

from __future__ import annotations
import weakref
from functools import cached_property
from typing import TYPE_CHECKING

from binexport.operand import OperandBinExport

    from .program import ProgramBinExport
    from .function import FunctionBinExport
    from .binexport2_pb2 import BinExport2
    from binexport.types import Addr

[docs] class InstructionBinExport: """ Instruction class. It represents an instruction with its operands. """ def __init__( self, program: weakref.ref[ProgramBinExport], function: weakref.ref[FunctionBinExport], addr: Addr, i_idx: int, ): """ :param program: Weak reference to the program :param function: Weak reference to the function :param addr: address of the instruction (computed outside) :param i_idx: instruction index in the protobuf data structure """ self.addr: Addr = addr #: instruction address self._program = program self._function = function self._idx = i_idx self.data_refs: set[Addr] = self.program.data_refs[self._idx] #: Data references address self.bytes = self.pb_instr.raw_bytes #: bytes of the instruction (opcodes) def __hash__(self) -> int: return hash(self.addr) def __str__(self) -> str: return "%s %s" % (self.mnemonic, ", ".join(str(o) for o in self.operands)) def __repr__(self) -> str: return f"<{type(self).__name__} {self.addr:#08x}: {self.mnemonic} {', '.join(str(x) for x in self.operands)}>" @property def program(self) -> ProgramBinExport: """ Program associated with this instruction. """ return self._program() @property def pb_instr(self) -> BinExport2.Instruction: """ Protobuf instruction object. """ return self.program.proto.instruction[self._idx] @property def mnemonic(self) -> str: """ Mnemonic string as gathered by binexport (with prefix). """ return self.program.proto.mnemonic[self.pb_instr.mnemonic_index].name @cached_property def operands(self) -> list[OperandBinExport]: """ Returns a list of the operands instanciated dynamically on-demand. The list is cached by default, to erase the cache delete the attribute. :return: list of operands """ return [ OperandBinExport(self._program, self._function, weakref.ref(self), op_idx) for op_idx in self.pb_instr.operand_index ]